4 reasons looking like a tourist can actually be a good thing

The first piece of advice people will give you when you’re travelling is not to look like a tourist. A solid piece of advice to help keep you from becoming a target or getting ripped off. But when you’re a 6 foot white girl travelling around the very short heighted, olive to black skinned Colombia, that ship has sailed. So instead I learned to adapt in other ways, and actually found four distinct advantages of not fitting in.

1.Your friends can spot you a mile away

Seriously, you become the meeting point. At a club: ‘I’ll meet you back at Kassia at 2.30’. In a public space: ‘So we’ll meet in the square, at Kassia’.

2. You can see everything

Is that attraction chock-a-block with other people? No worries. You can see right over the top of their heads. This also means you’ll be need to be prepared to describe what’s happening to shorter companions and take their photos, but with great height comes great responsibility.

3. You become very good at making new friends

You can do it quickly and with minimal foreign language skills. Mostly because you love meeting new people, but also because no-one wants to rip off their new friend.

4. You always know when you’re being talked about

“Que gringo es hermosa” – Well everyone else around here looks like they belong, so mucho gracias fellas!

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