34 thoughts from Coachella, Day 0

1.YAAASSS, we made it, and I didn’t kill us by driving on the wrong side of the road or anything

2. This is the campsite? That was easy

3. Oh no, it’s just the unmoving line to get into the campsite

4. Why isn’t this line moving? The other lines are moving. Foul play!

5. Why is no-one wearing a shirt already? Was there a dress code?

6. That’s it I’m changing lines

7. We should definitely have a chill one tonight, ready for the bands tomorrow

8. Maybe I shouldn’t have changed lines

9. YAS at the front

10. Carrying all your medication for the next few years makes for an awkward car search…

11. YAS now we’ve made it! Time to set up

12. …except we have nothing to set up

13. Wow everyone else has a lot to set up

14. We have a picnic blanket…maybe we should just lay that out to look like we know what we’re doing

15. Actually that made it worse

16. The neighbours are laughing

17. But we just dropped a ‘mate’ and now they love us foolish Aussies

The view from the main car camping lot

18. Yeah, we should definitely just have a  couple of quiet drinks tonight then get to bed

19. Except that we just got invited to play American drinking games


21. Apparently I’m queen of Beer Pong, this makes me very happy

22. Oh yay, new camp friends!

23. Who have invited us for more drinking games

24. Oh crap, shouldn’t have stood up again…well I’m drunk

25. And really need to pee

26. Wow, these camp port-a-loos are actually really clean and full of toilet paper

27. Where the hell did I just come from?


28. I am less awesome at this Flip Cup game

29. But then again that means I drink more, so technically I’m still awesome at it

30.Damnit, broke the seal

31. Someone brought a slip-and-slide?

32. Fun fact: drunk people cannot set up slip-and-slides

33. Which is probably a good thing

At this point I’m sure I had more thoughts, but my memory cuts back in to this one:

34. Who knew sleeping in a car could be so comfy

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