The most magical place in Toronto

I found the most magical place in Toronto. A place where the bearded and nerdy can take refuge from the eye-rolling masses of this city (yeah I said it). I found the Harry Potter bar. Yes that’s right Harry Potter generation, a place to get drunk AND revel in this magical series…with props.

Despite the freezing cold in Spring (literally, there has been snow for days) I’ve convinced some tougher Brazilians housemates and my bestie to bundle up and come nerd out with me. News of The Lockhart’s opening in Toronto was the very reason I had decided to start my Canadian tour here. Now I was leaving the next day and it was now or never.

I was not disappointed. While never overtly screaming ‘Harry Potter’ at its patrons, even a mildly-nerdy eye can catch the references.

You guys, Toronto has a Harry Potter Bar!!

The cocktail menu is full of fun names, some more obvious then others (Big Bad Wolf anyone?), but honestly you should go straight for the shared cocktails (don’t worry, no-one said you actually have to share them!). The Befuddlement potion was by far my favourite, with Peach Schnapps, Blue Curacao, Cherry Brandy, Ginger-ale and a myriad of other spirits. Sure it tasted nice, but the true quality was in the details. It arrives in a mini cauldron for starters, THEN GETS LIT ON FIRE!


If you ask really nicely the completely rad and willing to play along waiter may even do it again PLUS cackle while he does so just so you can Snapchat it. No I’m not even kidding, these guys are just that awesome. Oh yeah and the food is pretty tasty, and probably a good idea if you’re drinking enough to make you feel like you might ACTUALLY be a wizard.

Once alcohol is sorted (because obviously), you can actually start to pay attention to the decor is this small and moodily-lit bar. The bare brick walls are hung with wooden shelves. Behind the bar they hold the ‘potions and elixirs’ supply (aka your fun juice), but around the room they are cluttered with HP references. Platform signs, glasses, lockets, crowns: win at life and impress your friends by naming them all but the time your drinks show up.

But the real treasure here is the toilet. Yes I said it. Nerds unite in these chalkboard-walled loos and you can’t unzip your pants and turn around without getting caught up reading all the HP quotes. My personal favourite:

In fact, the toilets might be the best part...

All jokes and fangirling aside, this is actually a pretty cool little hipster bar that even non-fans (as if you exist) will enjoy coming to. But just one last quick tip for every Gen Y’er who secretly waited for their Hogwarts letter to arrive: no amount of potion drunk will make screaming ‘Alohamora’ at the front door actually work. I’m sorry, I’m just as sad about it as you are.

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