5 Things I’m loving

Ok sure, mostly I love travel because of the experiences and people…but I also have a weakness for travel gadgets. Sometimes, it’s like people reach into my brain, find the thing I’ve been complaining about, and invented a way to fix it. These are some of those things:

1. Fold-up travel day pack

travel backpack

This is a functioning day pack, WITH space for your water bladder (you know, for those times you get lost and accidentally turn a 2 hour hike into an 8 hour one in the middle of the desert?). So what makes it so unique? IT FOLDS DOWN TO A NEAT LITTLE PACKAGE! Yet it’s still strong enough to hold all your day stuff! How cool is that? The fact that it’s Fair Trade and recycled materials friendly just adds to my love.

2. Scratch Map

scratch map

Ok so it’s not practical to carry around with you, but when I actually have a home again you’d better believe one of these bad boys will get a feature wall.

3. Sim-card holder

sim holder

Long-term travellers know the easiest way to stay in contact is to buy a local sim card. The long-term traveller who visits many localities knows how hard it is to keep track of each of these sim cards. And you loved that country, right? You’ll probably be back, right? So why would you throw the sim card away? You wouldn’t, you’d just buy one of these cheap sim card holders instead and throw it in your backpack.

4. The Travel bra

You probably wear a bra when you travel, or you at least wear undies. If you don’t then you’ll want to start because Australian company, The Travel Bra, has turned your comfy undergarments into handy-dandy, super secure, valuables holders. No more passport in the cleavage ladies, now there’s a pocket for it.

5. Canadian Rockies Trail Guide


As you probably know I’m spending my summer at Sunwapta Falls in the middle of the largest National Park in The Canadian Rockies, Jasper. Honestly even with a full 6 months here I wasn’t sure how to fit all the trails in, but this brilliant guide is helping me narrow it down…now if only I had a car!

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