Your Ultimate Guide to Hiking The Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies are a hikers paradise, particularly for summit chasers. With Canada opening the gates to its’ National Parks in 2017, now is the time to start planning. You can live there for months (six, in my case) and still not even come close to hiking them all, so I’m here to help you narrow it down.

Sulphur Skyline1-sulphur-skyline

Few hikes end with panoramic mountain views that rival this one. The trail is steep, but the path is well defined, which makes the one and a half hour climb far easier to manage. The best part? The trailhead starts right next to Miette Hotsprings so once you’re back from soaking in the view, you can relax your tired muscles

2-berg-lake-trailBerg Lake Trail

Hands down, this was my favourite trail. It’s got everything: crystal-blue glacier fed lakes, dense forest, majestic waterfalls. Not only that, you can make it suit you. Are you a day tripper? Great! Make it to Kinney Lake (think Lake Louise without the crowds) or if you’re up for a challenge, to Emperor Falls. Love to camp? Perfect! Camp overnight, or two, and get all the way to Berg Lake. More of a mountain biker? Fantastic! Bikes are allowed along the first 7.2km, just passed Kinney Lake.

3-beauty-creekBeauty Creek

If you’re trying to shake other tourists, this one is for you. It’s just off the Icefields Parkway about 15 minutes drive south of Sunwapta Falls, but still pretty hard to find. The small roadside parking area is marked only by a small wooden post with a smaller picture of a hiking man on it, but when you do find it you won’t be disappointed. The path takes you beside a series of cataracts providing beauty every step of the way, until about an hour later it opens onto Stanley Falls.


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