24 hours in Harrison

In where you say? Harrison. A very small lakeside town an easy one and a half hour drive from Vancouver, and the perfect day trip or overnight getaway. Why is that? Honestly, because there’s just the right amount of not much to do. Make the most of your city escape with this 24 hour guide.



Dinner has to be a pub affair. There’s nothing quite like the charm of small town pubs, and Harrison’s Old Settler Pub is no exception. Friendly service, decent beer and plenty of pub grub.

After dinner, wander the short distance back to Harrison’s main lakeside strip for dessert. For a place with limited options, you’re never short of choice with five ice-cream parlours.


When you wake up in the morning (or frankly even if you sleep in), head over to the clear town favourite, Muddy Waters. Serving brunch, lunch and dinner with local ingredients and a London Fog that deserves the name. There is absolutely nothing wrong with views of the surrounding mountains and lagoon from its patio area either.


Lunch you should pack yourself (fair warning, bring your groceries with you or make do from the one, limited, convenience store in town) and take it with you to enjoy at the top of the mountain you’re going to hike, right?


There is one club in Harrison, and she’s a beaut. She doesn’t have the glamour or crowds of other clubs, she’s only ever open three hours once a week, but there is more fun in her simplicity than in anything city clubs have to offer.

Tourists to the are tend to be found families or elderly adults, so there will always be plenty of room on the dance floor, and most likely the crowd all know each other. So it’s the perfect place to practice those big, sweaty dance moves to bangers from the early 00s.



I’m obviously a little biased towards hiking, and Harrison offers some decent challenges to sweat out last nights toxins. With your 24 hours I strongly recommend the Harrison Grind (or the Campbell Lake Trail, as Ben the Barman pointed out to me, only posers call it the grind). It’s steep, but the five kilometres up this mountain reward you with sweeping views of Harrison Lake and the forested mountains surrounding it. Walk an extra 20 minutes to Campbell Lake to enjoy a picnic lunch before starting the trek back down again.

If you’re not a hiker, never fear. There’s a myriad of water activities on the lake, from paddle boarding to boat tours, to make sure all levels can get a great day adventure!


Ok, so there’s a great big lake in the centre of town. The thing about Canadian lakes is, they’re freezing, even if they’re not glacier fed like this one. Only Canadians are crazy enough to swim in these. Luckily, Harrison is most famous for its not-quite-natural hot springs. Go get a whiff of sulphur and relax those muscles. You deserved it, you hiked the Grind after all.



Fun fact: Harrison is a place that has embraced Sasquatch sightings from the 60s. They’re so into it, its difficult to tell if it’s even a joke anymore. So while Harrison is not really a place to buy much other than dinner, you should definitely head to Harrison Village Gift Shop and buy yourself a Sasquatch memento.


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